Made and shaped in super-heated furnaces, glass is a truly Promethean substance, and the finished product, translucent and smooth, is as beautiful as it is manipulable. Designers have for some time now been conceiving uses for it beyond windowing, vases, and dishware, and as certain technologies have advanced, this has only gotten easier. Here, from melting sinks to ice-like stair steps, American Builders Quarterly presents just a few of the latest ways glass is being shaped and packaged.

Stick Chandelier / More Fire Glass Studio / /
Artist Elizabeth Lyons, who takes inspiration from natural forms, is the designer behind these ceiling centerpieces. Each one is made of 15 hand-sculpted glass sticks welded to a steel frame.

Stick Chandelier

Waterfall Sink / CBD Glass Studios / /
Seeming to pour directly out the wall, these washbasins will enhance any bathroom in need of a natural look. They’re available in three sizes and can be colored.

Waterfall Sink

Glass Staircases / ThinkGlass / /
Take a daylit room one step further with these clear-glass steps that bend and refract light in dramatic fashion. The stairs can also be embedded with LED lighting for darker locations.

Glass Staircases

Space Invaders Low Table / Glas Italia / /
For the mathematician in us all, these geometrically complex coffee tables made from tempered or lacquered glass would be a welcome addition to any ultramodern room.

Space Invaders Low Table