Shane Stoltenberg Interrogates the Business of Systems Integration

Point 1 has brought design and construction of all low-voltage systems under one umbrella and emerged as a systems-integration leader

Point 1 was founded in 1998 with a name that reflects what the company strives to be: a one-stop shop for all low-voltage solutions such as security, fire- and life-safety, and voice-data systems.

That namesake and approach has led to healthy growth over Point 1’s 19 years in business. A few short years after its inception, though, Point 1 realized that, in order to be a true one-stop low-voltage solution, it needed to add systems integration to its suite of services. It was time for a strategic change, so Point 1 repositioned itself as an integration-solutions provider. Shane Stoltenberg, the firm’s director of construction, says the change of direction has paid dividends as he oversees construction and project management and stewards the company’s relationships with its clients and workforce. “Our offering is unique,” he says. “It not only differentiates us from our competition, but it also allows us to add value to our customers. We do it all.”

Shane Stoltenberg Point 1
Shane Stoltenberg, Director of Construction, Point 1 Photo by Michael Bruner

Point 1 strategically remains a midsize entity, providing its A team to every client on every project. The team is nimble, and with fewer levels of management, the company can adapt to changes at a faster pace and lower cost than big-name, big-footprint competitors. The company can also identify problems and communicate solutions quickly, and that means lower prices and more personal service for clients. “We really tie the customer to our team,” Stoltenberg says. “We have some clients who ask, ‘Well, who will we deal with in Europe?’ It’s the same person they see here in the United States. They like that.”

He’s also quick to note that most of Point 1’s leadership has climbed the ranks inside the company. “Our people actually care; it’s more than just a job or a contract,” he says. “It’s not about profits; it’s about partnership.”

With its growth, Point 1 has considered branch opportunities but has consistently decided against them. The company’s working culture is key to its success. The demands for its services has taught the company to be intentional about the opportunities it takes, too. Its goals are simply to maintain a stellar reputation and continue to grow at a responsible rate. “Some clients are so focused on being the low-bid win that they lose the clarification of a responsible bid,” Stoltenberg says. “When a client’s focused strictly on price, we tend not to bid; it doesn’t match who we are. We’re trying to provide what they want and service it properly.”

Three Point 1 Partners


Airbnb was the first of Point 1’s global clients, and the working relationship inspired Point 1’s current culture. Airbnb’s “belong anywhere” corporate philosophy was legible in its work space, where shared open areas took the place of traditional offices and closed doors, and Point 1’s space now shares that vibe. “We changed our office structure to create more open collaboration,” Stoltenberg says. “We put our teams together in these open areas, and they’re able to quickly collaborate and problem-solve. When you start to work with a company day in and day out, you start to see how their culture works, and you start to adapt. They expect you to be able to operate within their culture, and then you start to see benefits of how they do business.”

Blocka Construction

Blocka Construction subcontracts its most challenging projects to Point 1. The jobs demand creative thinking and precise execution, and the ongoing partnership has raised the level of Point 1’s performance. “When they need someone they can trust, they go to us,” Stoltenberg says. “They look at us to help them with the harder projects.”

Nutanix Industries

Nutanix is a cloud-computing provider that specializes in virtualized infrastructure. Headquartered in San Jose, California, it maintains offices around the world. Point 1’s Nutanix contact stems from a relationship with a previous employer, and since it was first established, Point 1 has broadened the services it provides to the company.

“At first, we were just helping them with construction consulting,” Stoltenberg says. “We weren’t doing installations or security services, but that’s evolved. Now, we are the installation provider for security systems.”