A Partnership for Productivity

AlfaTech CEO Jeff Fini is growing his company through strong relationships with his customers, team, and a new affiliation with German-based RSBG

AlfaTech provided their mechanical and electrical engineering services to Downtown LA's Lucas Museum. Photo courtesy of LMNA

Jeff Fini, AlfaTech’s founder and CEO, long dreamt of the day in which his engineering design and energy solutions company would join another like-minded business to grow together in a shared success story.

AlfaTech, which works with companies such as Uber, LinkedIn, and Adobe, is powered by the uniquely dynamic relationships it fosters with its clients. “By ‘relationships,’” Fini explains, “we mean the connections we’ve founded and fostered with the real people behind the brands.”

Jeff Fini AlfaTech
Jeff Fini, AlfaTech CEO and Founder Photo by Grace Image

This mind-set is something that Fini and his company sought in a potential union, which is when German-based RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft (RSBG) came into the picture. While the parent company is in a different industry than AlfaTech, the culture of the firms aligned.

Over the past decade, AlfaTech has long been looking for ways to fortify their business by adding additional services and talent to meet their clients’ constantly evolving needs. Though it was not known how a relationship with RSBG would play out, Fini notes that his mentality for expansion had always been global. “We didn’t know if it was possible,” he continues. “Still, we decided to just have a chat with RSBG, to see if our firms could come together.”

That casual chat turned out to be much more impactful than Fini first assumed, once he traveled overseas and found the company cultures and personalities were a perfect fit. “RSBG was not looking to change our name or make major changes,” he recalls. “They simply wanted to expand, and that gave me the assurance that this would not become the typical buyout situation. Instead, this partnership was going to give us the financial foundation we both have been looking for.”

RSBG is Germany’s largest foundation, and across all their companies has more than 3,600 employees, providing a wide range of consulting engineering services across numerous offices in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Now that they are partnering with AlfaTech, both companies will be able to increase their global presence, as well as better their current services and support.

AlfaTech provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, engineering, and lighting design services for LinkedIn’s Sunnyvale headquarters campus. Photo by Bruce Damonte

“We specialize in innovative engineering design and project delivery that is environmentally conscious and sustainable,” said Fini in a press release. “Cultivating best practices, building on our core competencies, and enhancing our services to best serve our clients in any location is integral to our DNA.”

Going forward, AlfaTech will now have access to additional talent and expertise via its new expansive sister companies, and this collaboration will give its clients such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Uber a larger array of specialized services through more than 100 locations around the world. “We are as attentive to the needs of our clients and partners as we are to our own ideas and solutions, which we feel truly makes us team players,” Fini says, excited to deliver more through this global expansion. “Careful listening is our first priority. Without it, we could not offer the most innovative and appropriate solutions.”

For LinkedIn’s San Francisco campus, AlfaTech’s engineering services helped foster unity of all the R&D and sales teams in one collaborative space. Photo by Eric Laignel

“It really has been a very easy transition,” Fini says. “I have been so impressed at how this whole deal was conducted. There is nothing like being connected to so many different companies.” Fini, who has more than 30 years of experience in the engineering design, development, and execution of projects totaling more than $13 billion worldwide, is no stranger to that feeling.

With any major change in a business setting, there is the inevitable unease experienced by the employees who wonder about the future of not only their own roles but also the company culture itself. “There were those normal questions asking if I was planning to retire or if the company was being sold or if there was going to be new management,” Fini says. “But they soon realized that this was just about going global. There has been no change in payroll. There has been no change in benefits. Their everyday lives in reality haven’t changed.”

AlfaTech has worked with Uber since 2014, providing improvements in everything from conferencing space to childcare facilities. Photo by SHoP Architects

In addition, Fini says he has no intention of changing the philosophy that they have always based their business on, and that is by focusing on the relationships they have built throughout the years. He even met with his clients’ CEOs soon after to share the news of the partnership that was announced.

The merger has essentially reenergized the company as it enters 2019. Despite these changes, Fini is sure to maintain a certain consistency in his company that was formed more than 31 years ago. “This was a great opportunity for all of the companies in terms of expansion, and it’s definitely a ‘pinch yourself’ kind of moment,” he explains. “But AlfaTech will always have my full attention.”