Dan Batty Has a Team Second to None

VP of Design and Construction Daniel Batty shares the incredible heart his construction team brings to Dutch Bros

Daniel Batty, vice president of design and construction at Dutch Bros Coffee, speaks highly of the value his team and partners bring to the drive-through coffee company.

Design and construction are definitely not a one-man job at Dutch Bros, and that’s a message Batty is passionate about. “I’m not sure how you can squeeze this all in,” Batty wrote in an email after listing out his entire team. “Every member of the team is incredibly valuable and brings great insight. We’re all equally responsible in trying to understand, evaluate, and deliver success.”

Daniel Batty, VP of Design & Construction, Dutch Bros Ruben Martinez

American Builders Quarterly previously spoke with Batty in 2019 about the love that drives the Dutch Bros brand and his team’s incredible uptick in the construction of Dutch Bros “shops,” as he’s likely to call them.

Since that conversation, things have only continued to escalate for the building team as well as the brand. “I always knew a company built on service and relationships could be successful,” Batty says. “The culture is about loving others, loving the people you work with, and making a connection.”

Batty sees the value in all of the individuals on his team, noting that their experience (or sometimes lack of) can spark the best ideas. “Our team members who aren’t in the field or have less experience bring a different perspective,” Batty says. “There’s no boss in the room; there’s just good ideas.”

Over a long and fruitful career with franchise development and construction management roles at McDonald’s, CKE Restaurants, and Dunkin’ Brands, Batty’s goal is to help others rise up in the industry.

When speaking about Dutch Bros Design Manager Mark Baker, Batty says, “I don’t say this lightly, but Mark is the best designer I’ve ever seen come out of this business. He provides a level of thought and aptitude to ensure a seamless design that meets brand standards and serves the ‘Broistas’ and the customer experience.”

The Dutch Bros team, from left to right: Don Horner, Russ Orsi, Mark Baker, Daniel Batty (front), Tony Scardino, Jeffrey Bennett (front), James Thomas, Dennis Williams, Brady Hood (front), Sean Delay, Ron Austerman Ruben Martinez

And there’s Sean Delay, senior equipment administrator, or as Batty refers to him, “the Dutch Bros guru.” The drive-thru coffee company has more than 495 shops, Batty notes. “You can ask Sean a question about any shop we have, and he’ll tell you what the layout looks like and the equipment being used. His mind is a steel trap.”

The VP continues peppering in names—there’s construction managers Russ Orsi and Anthony “Tony” Scardino, as well as Franchise Development and Construction Manager James Thomas. “I can go on and on about the accomplishments of our team,” Batty says.

Batty adds that colleagues at much larger chains simply don’t understand how Dutch Bros has maintained consistent growth over the last two years, especially with the challenges of material and labor shortages.

“Our brand is committed to our people. We’re not just opening stores, we’re creating opportunities for our operators to build a future. Our goal is to deliver on our mission to serve others and help fulfill the dream of bringing Dutch Bros to a new community.”

Dutch Bros’ focus on service and partnerships (Batty never once refers to his vendors as such, instead  calling them “partners”) underlines a business model centered on more than just making money—and Dutch Bros has buy-in from the entire organization in driving those goals.

“I always say I work for a unicorn,” Batty remarks. “[Dutch Bros Cofounder] Travis [Boersma] has made it a special place to be, and I’m honored to be part of it.”