American Builders Quarterly showcases the incredible projects and leadership of executives in the architecture, design, and construction fields. Our event series brings their ideas to life, fuels conversations that provide insight and solutions to modern challenges, and connects powerful voices across industries.

Event Series: The Future of the Workplace

This year has presented us with the challenge of an unknown future—one that will require a collective global transformation as it pertains to how we live, work, and behave. American Builders Quarterly’s first-ever events series will tackle three important conversations around that shift. Over the course of the series we’ll focus on the ways in which executives in the construction industry redefine their work spaces to be more inclusive, safe, and globally conscious.


Wednesday, November 11, 2020 from 5-6 pm ET (Zoom)

Renovating an Industry: Diversity & Inclusion in Construction

Hosted by Jennifer Mitchell, Senior Manager of Design-Build Workplace, LinkedIn

The year 2020 has prompted everyone to take a step back and consider those voices being heard—and, more importantly, those not being heard. Leaders will share stories about the positive effect of diversity on their teams as well as offer perspective on what it means to be a minority in the built industry.

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Built to Last: The Ways Workplaces Adapt

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In considering the effects of COVID-19, what will the construction industry look like in 2021? What will it look like in 2030? Voices across the real estate, construction, and design industries will share perspectives on the future of the workplace—and how the spaces will be better planned with new complications in mind, from pandemics to wildfires.


Aubrey Wade, Content & Advertising Manager

Aliana Souder, Content & Advertising Manager