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Frannie Sprouls

Editorial Director

Melaina K. de la Cruz

Senior Editor

Anastasia Andronachi

Art Director

Cass Davis

Photo Manager & Video Director

Our Team

Editorial Director

Frannie Sprouls

Senior Editors

Melaina K. de la Cruz
Brittany Farb Gruber


Michele Cantos Garcia

Staff Writers

Noah Johnson
Billy Yost

Art Director

Anastasia Andronachi


Rebecca Kang
Arturo Magallanes

Photo Manager & Video Director

Cass Davis

CEO & Publisher

Pedro A. Guerrero

President, Group Publisher

Kyle Evangelista

Chief of Staff

Jaclyn Gaughan

VP, Finance

David Martinez

Director, Circulation

Stacy Liedl

Senior Director, Client Operations

Cheyenne Eiswald

Senior Manager, Client Services

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Manager, Client Services

Brooke Rigert

Senior Directors, Sales

Justin Davidson
Hannah Tanchon

Director, Sales

Kemp G. Pile

Enterprise Sales Executive

Stuart Ziarnik

Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships & DEI Solutions

Krista Horbenko

Head of Digital

Aleksander Tomalski

Audience & Engagement
VP, Hispanic Division
Head of Audience & Engagement

Vianni Lubus

Director, Events

Jill Ortiz

Events & Marketing Manager

Ashley Parish

Communications & Engagement Manager

Cristina Merrill

Social Media Manager

Suleidys Tellez

About Our Publisher

Founded in 2006, Guerrero is a minority-owned, privately held, executive advancement company at the intersection of media, professional networks and executive search with a specialization in the Latino professional marketplace and corporate DEI initiatives. In addition to American Builders Quarterly, Guerrero publishes  American Healthcare Leader, Hispanic Executive, Modern Counsel, and Profile. Guerrero is reinventing the executive network through The Alumni Society, which brings together Latino alumni from prestigious private US colleges and universities.