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InEight is Changing the Game

InEight is on a quest to develop the first fully integrated suite of tech solutions for construction and engineering.

Pages From Tom Ruscitti’s Playbook

Tom Ruscitti, senior managing director of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank’s project management division, and his team are in the turret, covering their clients’ flanks, clearing paths, and—most harrowing of all—navigating Chicago rush-hour traffic to ensure successful project delivery.

A Home in the Woods

Growing up, Eric Brown had the pleasure of watching and learning aspects of his future trade from his grandfather, Everett, a skilled carpenter. Brown’s early interest with artisanship led him to major in architecture at the University of Minnesota, and from there he sharpened his homebuilding expertise with a variety of firms before founding his own in 2007: Everett Custom Homes, LLC (ECH), named in honor of his role model.

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