Meet the minds behind the redevelopment projects of six major cities across the US and discover how they’re reimagining their metropolitan landscapes to create vibrant communities to live, work, and play.

Roots to Resident

Two figures remain critical for any city planner balancing preservation with modernization: the founding date and current population.

PORTRAITS: Jennie Loft/San José Environmental Services (Romanow), Courtesy of David Snow (Snow), Jeremiah Robinson (Irish), Courtesy of Jill Jennings Golich (Jennings Golich), Courtesy of Evelyn Baker (Baker), Dave Meyers (DiLorenzo), Lauren Termini (Daniel)

PROJECT IMAGES: Uladzik Kryhin/ (City of San José), Evan Semón (City of Denver), Courtesy of City Center Group (City Center Group), Linda J. Orlomoski (City of Salem)