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Cardboard has a history as the storage and moving-day material of choice, but innovators are finding new ways to use it amid the industry-wide push for green-building solutions. Its manipulability means it can easily be engineered to suit structural specificities, and because it's biodegradable, it’s automatically a sustainable alternative. Take a look at these products to see just a few ways engineers and designers are taking corrugated casing from the loading docks into the home.

Beute Lamp / Herrwolke

Designer Michael Konstantin Wolke repurposes and reconstitutes discarded corrugated cardboard to create light fixtures that have a slimmed-down, European aesthetic. The use of found material means no two lamps are alike.

Valley Shelf / Leo Kempf Design 

This wall unit gets its name from its shape, which allows for the shelving of books in playful ways. Nontoxic glue binds the piece’s corrugated layers, and the front is covered with textured hardboard.


GrandPa Clock / Sanserif Creatius

“Sans serif” means streamlined, simple, without flourishes, and this piece is just that. Made by layering sheets of cut cardboard, it reimagines the antiquated grandfather clock for the 21st century.

Bookcase 800gr / Dany Gilles 

It’s a college student’s dream. This collapsible, reusable shelving unit, conceived by Dany Gilles, is composed of 22 separate parts, and units can be stacked, staggered, interlocked, and separated.


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