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American Builders Quarterly is a network of executives that highlights leaders in every phase and facet of the built world. We provide a platform for modern leaders to share important stories, from VPs of real estate and construction at Fortune 500 companies, to the financial and legal teams supporting some of the nation’s largest building projects, to local developers positively impacting their communities, and everything in between. With engaging editorial, we bring leaders across industries together to share their stories, learn from each other, and connect.

Editorial Calendar

January 2024

The Community Series

Celebrating American Builders Quarterly’s final print issue, this series will highlight leaders behind large projects that support their surrounding communities with a focus on sustainability and the interactions between human and environment. It will also feature organizations committed to philanthropic or social justice initiatives on a local scale.

Live 1/16/24

February 2024

The DEI Series

This series will present diverse builders from intersectional backgrounds who are leading the way in construction, design, and architecture. It will also look at the current DEI initiatives that facilities are putting in place to make the industry more inclusive.

Live 2/26/24

April 2024

The Healthcare Series

This series will examine how facilities, design, and construction executives have been expanding and renovating healthcare systems since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will look at the ways we continue to create healing spaces for new patients during high rates of hospitalization.

Live 4/15/24

June 2024

The Housing Series

This series will bring awareness to the current state of the national housing crisis as well as what is being done to combat it and increase housing security. We’ll hear from the planners and developers tasked with community partnerships and outreach as well as the tech advancements and thoughtful new solutions to make housing affordable and accessible.

Live 6/3/24

July 2024

The Sports Series

This series highlights the very foundation of team spirit: the state-of-the-art athletic facilities and stadiums where teams are trained, games are won, and fans are made. It will include builders and directors from both collegiate and national venues as they discuss the latest additions and renovations to deliver top-tier experiences for sports and spectators.

Live 7/22/24

September 2024

The Entertainment Series

This series will showcase spaces that invite guests in with the goal of entertaining, educating, or engrossing them. This includes museums, theaters, concert venues, athletic stadiums, casinos, and tourist attractions. It will explore how a space is developed around local art and culture, while both accommodating and amusing every visitor.

Live 9/3/24

October 2024

The Safety Series

This series serves to remind us that human lives are behind the buildings in which we live, work, and otherwise occupy, and the construction process is a dangerous one. We will hear from leaders with a focus on safety and the importance of training, regulations, risk prevention, and strong team dynamics that ensure everyone is respected and protected.

Live 10/21/24

November 2024

The Accessibility Series

This series will showcase the builders who envision and modify spaces to meet the diverse needs of everyone who will use them, ensuring that they are functional, accessible, and safe. It will examine the ways historical preservation is balanced with restoration and modernization techniques to bring legacy buildings into a fully inclusive era.

Live 11/18/24