Editor’s Letter

I’m proud to unveil the largest single issue of American Builders Quarterly to date. Its vastness has allowed it to take on a life of its own. With 43 stories, 2 special feature sections, and a guest editor, this edition feels a bit more like a convention. The executives in this volume serve as panelists on topics like how to have a zero-waste Super Bowl, what it takes to incorporate a white-sand beach into a city, and what it means to manage a massive build-out while remaining invisible.

Melaina K. de la Cruz, Managing Editor of American Builders Quarterly Portrait by Caleb Fox

Both of our feature sections serve as conversations around two critically important topics in the industry today: what the future of renewable energy means for a cleaner, more reliable future and how diversification of global design can allow structures to be integrated seamlessly into their communities without detracting from local culture.

Tackling that last topic is Sasaki CEO James Miner, whose firm we showcased earlier this year when the Sunqiao Urban Agricultural District in Shanghai, China, graced our cover. I’ve had the pleasure of learning about the power of inclusive design directly from James and am incredibly excited to have him share his perspective with you as our guest editor.

This brings us to our cover star Stephanie Klasky-Gamer. As CEO of LA Family Housing, she underlines the many different ways in which real estate and design can change lives. It’s Stephanie’s job to redefine the meaning of “home” by running a company that provides support services in the form of outreach, housing placement, real estate development, and community partnerships. It is part of her mission to help the homeless community reach a place of independence and financial stability.

I hope this issue illuminates exactly how innovative architecture and design can affect the greater good, and I hope it engages you to try something new in your work.